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Stephen Worthington

So led seems to of come along way since first falling on my ears but due to heat of hps etc I'm sure you'll agree we'd all love a working alternative without effecting the final outcome

So can you really grow decent plants under less power consuming and heat producing alternatives

We,'ll be following the progress of a auto strain only cycle room the rules are simple we can't use any high power consuming light (stealth test) and it must be a cycle crop (never ending, enough lights to still grow enough to produce decent amounts at regular intervals) and lights must stay 16/8 to allow various age autos

Pictures and videos will follow on future posts 

First strain in is big Buddha auto critical mass followed (in ten day intervals) by auto seeds girl scout cookies and dinafems white cheese (more strain s will be growth tested but these are the three we,'ll see start this month

Next post in 3-4 days when the critical will be potted and entered into the room


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Stephen Worthington
Stephen Worthington Sep 11 '18

Ok so delay in photo updates due to lights only just turning up seems to be a good quality type very bright on just the eye unlike others I've seen the critical has just gone into the room will be left to settle until tomoz when I shall post further updates and details on lights etc 

Currently room is running 2 x 600w led lights 

With a 45w cfl due to go in this week while we wait for the 300w cfls to turn up 

The room will end up being 2x 300w cfls and 4x 600w led lights

Current breed = big Buddha critical mass auto

Next germ (19/09/2018)= auto seeds girl scout cookies 

Greg Oct 12 '18

Watching. I have just ordered some led lights to go in a small tent. Only want to grow a single plant really. 


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